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What a pity, R Kelly

They don't call me blur for nothing....I didn't know, HONESTLY, didn't know that there was anything wrong with R. Kelly! I thought he was behind the scene or decided to quit the entertainment business and all that, that was all. In fact, I didn't know that R. Kelly was in any way at all connected with Aaliyah, the young singer who died in a plane crash in Bahamas in 2001. Good Lawrd! He makes Edison Chen look tame and sane. Sex with minors? *sigh* It just goes to show that life is all about the decisions that we make and the way we were brought up. Even if he had a shitty life as a child, he should be adult enough to make decisions for himself. Consider Timbaland for instance, I've not heard a bad thing about him. Not yet anyway and don't plan to anticipate one. I mean, everything I've heard about Timbaland are good things and although I hate to high heaven the song 'Beautiful Girls', I still think Sean Kingston is an amazingly intelligent and resourceful entertainer. R. Kelly remains to be one of the few balladeers that I adore to bits. It's a pity he's got this fetish thing, though. But then again, I wish George Michael was a...a....well, you know. They should have made good decisions for themselves...and even though it's something private, it's unlawful. R. Kelly should have known that...he has lived forty-one years of life to learn all of that.

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