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Back to being a kid again

When I was younger, badminton was a big part of my life. My father was a badminton coach, my brother was a big time badminton player….me and my sister, we could beat the shit out of grown men when we’re older. Now that we’re old, I don’t think I can beat the shit out of little men. But that’s beside the point. For the first time in a decade or so, we had a badminton gathering….of sorts. We played badminton together as a family…along with my kids and all….in a secluded ulu-ulu place in Damansara Perdana. Only two courts, splendid lighting, if you get my drift. But it was absolutely so fun. After the initial stage of the shuttle hitting the metal, missing shots, diving for shots that you cannot reach unless you move your feet, things got into a swing. I can’t believe my brother can still send a shuttle spearing through the air with his backhand. He didn’t even have to swing, bloody hell. All he had to do was flick his blardie wrist. I would have broken my back and arm to do that…provided I don’t miss the shot first. And believe you me, at his age, my dad can still make me run for my life on court….with my big backside and all. It’s all in the technique. I lost my tech-nique in exchange for ‘tech’. My sis is the same old person…same ol same ol. But she’s better than me now, without the big backside. Josh and Jared were there too…complaining about sweating. And missing shots. I touched a chord in me watching my dad coach my kids in badminton because that’s what he did with us when we were younger. Me and my sister weren’t, like, potential Uber Cub players or anything but we went through the drill along with my brother. So, this time, it really brought back the memories. My dad struggling with the coaching of small kids with badminton. He waking us up at insane hours for jogging and eating half-boiled eggs, Shadow-play that drove us nuts. The likes. Badminton is a huge part of my childhood. The last time I played, it was with a bunch of friends and it was ridiculous….I was ridiculous. I did a Foo-Kok-Keong. But this time, it was so fun and brought back lots of memories. I won’t be kissing the racquet any time soon but if my kids can pick up the sport just for the heck of it, I would be happy enough.


Anonymous said…
I don't recall if I ever played badminton with you but I do recall playing with your brother and sister.
I am thankful for the metal gate in between us as it lessened the many bruises that could have resulted from the smashes.
Any piece of open space, streets, back alleys, car porch + gate is a court. Draw a line down the centre and that'll be the net.

Crazy days... heheh :)
Marsha Maung said…
If you're the Kok Yee whom we babysat for, you would be right to say that we were pretty fanatical! :-) So were you, I reckon...

By the time you joined us, I was too busy with TVB series liao lor. And also learning how to khow-chai by then lah...where got time for badminton liao? :-)

Talking about playing everywhere, I think my mother still shivers when we remember the time my sister play so whole-heartedly that she fell into the nearby drain....her head going right in the middle and into the longkang.
Anonymous said…
My son now learning badminton under Ong Beng Teong's academy every sunday in SS2.

Surprisingly...there are many kids there too. It's no secret that many parents here realise that Malaysia still produces world class Badminton players today....and they harbour hope that their kids will also represent Malaysia.

FOr me...whether or not my son is as good as Lee Chong Wei when he's all grown up does not matter. What matters is that he enjoys Badminton more than his Playstation 2.

Kids nowadays spend so much time on the PC and Playstation unlike my peers who spent most of the time playing Badminton, hide and seek,guli, catching, police and thief etc.

The old days are still better than now.


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