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Understand What a Virtual Workplace is Supposed to be Like

To my understanding, the purpose of having all these modern tools is so that people can communicate and get work done efficiently without wasting time and money. I have clients from all over the world. People from Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, United States, New Zealand and South America have been using my freelance writing services for a long time. I work efficiently this way - and it saves me time and money too! Having the PC and Internet is important to me because I have many other things to do - for instance, sweeping the floor, playing the piano, being AhMad to the kids fetching them in and out, in and out, buy grocery, cook, feed, wash, fold laundry, etc. You get the picture. There's a very good reason why I don't like Malaysian clients! That's because they assume that because we are in the same country that I have all the time in the world and that I can just slap my backside and go anywhere I want any time I want. If that is true and if every time I get a project from a client I have to go to their place (be it fly or drive), I mati kang-kang, you know!!! If got Singapore project, I fly Singapore. If got US project, I fly US every time they have to pass me a document.

Eh, at least my father knows how to be more efficient already lor! Although he does not know how to blog or do many online stuff, he knows how to fax me something, ask me scan it and then email it to someone! Terror, right? We're talking about my father, you know.....he recently got himself an email only and before that, still mails his letters, ok? "It's very near only mah. USJ. And you work from home mah....." That cannot be further from the truth, I tell you! Why can't email? Why cannot fax? Why have to drive all the way to some place, find parking just so can pass me some documents that one can scan and then just email me. Not more efficient meh???? I get my things done, no need to rush, no need to waste petrol (petrol very expensive these days lah) and I don't get all stressed out trying to organize my kids! Comparing Malaysian clients with my other clients (except for one), I tell you. Big difference! Money is also slower some more.....sigh. Hard to cari makan these days, man!


Krista Goon said…
That's the lazy attitude and mentality of Malaysians. Understand your frustration completely. You know, you should try some interesting methods to get them to follow your way. For instance, tell them you have to charge them if you go see them. Invoice them in the email too. You won't believe how FAST they start faxing their stuff to you. Or tell them you can pick it up a week from now. They'll post it to you then. The thing is to give them choices so paltry they'll do what you want. No point being harassed by silly folks. Just have to get them to see your 'way'.
I am all for what you said but sometimes bad habit dies hard.
Even or IT technician at work does not utilise the most of technology and in this day and age, we should really minimise paper use.c
Marsha Maung said…
maya, WOW! That's all I can say. Damn terror lah your ideas! Will definitely use them, esp the meeting one week later wan. I think they will definitely do it. charge them ah....will think about that one too. thanks, man!

clockwise, must try to maximize time lah! Must. People think work at home people got lot of time but it's actually the opposite that's true. work at home people LAGI got no time. so, if you office folks can claim petrol and say see 'client' never mind. we all cannot wor.

I don't print anything out unless it's necessary. all my stuff are filed in e-format, whatever format that may be.
Anonymous said…
I like maya's style of dealing with clients. Methinks I'm gonna pick up more than a few pointers here. ;)

Esp. this bit: The thing is to give them choices so paltry they'll do what you want. No point being harassed by silly folks. Just have to get them to see your 'way'.

So true.

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