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Teacher Trouble

In the car, me and the kids, we were just chatting about the topic 'teachers' on a positive note. Casually, we shared with each other stories about our favorite teachers and why we liked them, obviously, my stories were significantly more interesting. Suddenly, Josh suddenly said, "But I don't quite like my Bahasa teacher...always telling us to hurry up hurry up hurry up. And she beat my shoulder quite hard once". I told him that this is life....there are worse people out there. If you think his Bahasa teach was bad, wait till he meets his future boss. Or worse yet, my History teacher from Form 4 and 5! For the life of me, I cannot remember her name....I should. But this lady is one helluva bomb, I kid you not. When you walk past a class and see a roomful of students standing on chairs, you know she's in there drilling all the kids about dates and places, events and names. You just can't miss it because no other teacher does it! The day before, she would print out dates and events on a paper, distribute them amongst all students and asked us to paste it into our books. The next day, she walks in and the class falls silent. You can literally hear the cockroaches crawl about in glee. "Stand on the chair", she bellows without looking up from her book. By the time she peeks out from under her glasses, every single one of the students have wordlessly gotten up on their respective chairs. If you've not done your homework, you would have your book peeking out of the drawer a little bit so that you can cheat. But this teacher is a bloody smart one. She won't stand in front and ask the questions. Instead, she would walk around the room, therefore, chances of cheating is minimized. She marches around shooting questions at one. If you get the answer correct, you sit. If the answer is wrong, you remain standing until the class is over! Tell you....everyone's shivering cause it's bloody embarrassing to be standing there on the chair! We're all near adults and standing on those minuscule chairs means that we would can be seem from way yonder! And if really tall, the top of your head is only inches from the swirling fan! And kids are really cruel, aren't they? If your friends see you standing on the chair (especially if you're the only one left) while the history teacher is teaching, you might as well dig a hole and hide your face during recess time! But strangely, as tyrannical as this teacher was, she forced me to remember dates I never knew I could remember and history is one of my strongest subjects in school. Hence, my advice to Josh is that, there's always one or two tyrannical ones in every single school. You can't run away from them - and besides, they mean well blah blah blah......After hearing about my history teacher, he said, "Oh". I think he's thinking that his Bahasa teacher is not so bad after all.


Anonymous said…
Marsha...were you in an all girls' school?

Marsha Maung said…
Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry-lah, no wor. And besides girls with too-short-pinafore get their asses whipped.
Mumsgather said…
Haha. Well, its not so bad when everyone is standing on the chair together is it. Might even be amusing. Mine was the PE teacher who made us run until we want to faint.
Min Chan said…
Oh where do I begin?! Hahaha My PE teacher in sec school earns the first prize lah. She was disliked by every student in the school! She must have shared her hair secret with Samy Vellu (or vice versa) as I've never seen a single hair out of place. In fact, she would fit right in with the Planet Of The Apes characters.

Mrs P had a masochistic streak. I was in a co-ed school but lower sec girls who forgot to bring their PE outfits were made to attend PE in their panties and white shirts! Needless to say, quite a few people secretly cheered when her car was vandalized in the school compound :p
Anonymous said…
Min...panties and white shirts? wor. Were you one of the 'sexy ones' those days ? hehehe... my co-ed school...many girls wanna show their they shortened their pinafore. hehehe...when headmistress was around...they walk like zombies...with their heads down...and pretended to look for something on the floor just to 'lengthen' the skirt. Knwo what I mean? hehehe...

Some girls lagi terror...after school they remove their pinafore outside the school gate and underneath was a sexy miniskirt wor! hehehe....very terror leh?

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