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A Season To Be Merry Drinking And Partying

It’s been a long time since I went out and party all out….no seriously….believe me-lah! Actually, my principle is very simple. We must work very hard to achieve what we want to achieve in life but when it comes time to party, we must party with all our might as well. Let everything hang loose (except for your morals and dignity) and let things slide. Move and groove, grind if you want, drink like there’s no tomorrow and dance like your mother’s a dance coach. Frankly speaking, I used to this very often when my body was still in tip-top form. There was a time that I was known as a regular face in one famous disco that everyone thought I worked there. AAANNNYYYYWAAAYYY, the point is that I’ve been through that stage of my life and I no longer yearn for that kind of drunken escape. I have grown (die-lah if I have not…two kids liao lor) and don’t need it. Last Friday, went out with my sister, brother and some friends to a local hot spot called ‘Scarlett’ in Cineleisure right next to The Curve where everything happening is popping up everywhere. The place is appropriately named since the place is like….neon red all over the place. Except for a few discreet corners designed for lovers who wish to indulge in their drunken fantasies, everywhere else was red. The place was fabulous, honestly and the DJ truly knew how to spin the disc but… was a Friday, it’s a new place and it’s packed like two sardine cans packed into one! Seriously, let’s not even talk about leg room, there was NO ROOM….end of story. We, my sister and me and a few other hot mamas with kids sleeping at home, were really looking for the chance to dance. Where got chance to dance at home…except if you like Barney the purple dinosaur a whole lot. But this is something we couldn’t do. Dance a little and you poke someone in the eye. You move your butt and you topple the guy behind you. Sigh….. Anyway, we partied hard alright and it’s been a long time since I drank such an obscene amount of alcohol beverages in one night! Got a little tipsy but….not as tipsy as some people. Here’s where I reflect a little because I stayed sober enough to notice the slow degradation of the people around me that night. First there is the drink till you cry kind. It’s funny but….when we drink, aren’t we supposed to drink until we’re happy? There were two girls who cried out of the blue that night. One because she embarrassed herself after slithering herself all over a hunky man she hardly knew at all. another….erm…same story but she was asking for it all night long and the guys more than welcomed her requests! Why cry then??? Silly girl. If she was my daughter, drunk or not drunk, I would slap her bloody face and ask her to wake up. Secondly, there’s the drink till you look like your face looks like their anus kind. When I came in, some of the blokes looked yummy. Tall, good bod (held in when sober), nice clothes, good dancing skills, etc. as they degenerate, I started noticing how they forgot to hold their pot belly in. Ha ha ha ha! And then they look like shit with their contorted faces, swaying left and right….left and then right sitting on a chair too high for drunk people! Third, there’s the drink until you think you can deliver a slamdunk kind. This is the kind of people I hate the most. I mean, you wanna come out and drink, drink and be merry, bloody hell! These people drink till all their negative emotions spill forth and the smallest of negative actions from other people, it sparks a fight. Oh, come on! Grow up. Take that f***ing pacifier out of your mouth and sing a jolly good song, for crissakes! Fourth, the drink and force other people to drink kind. Ahem, sorry to say this but I used to be one of them but at this age, I hate people who gives you a drink and the first thing they tell you is, “Bottom’s up”. I want to pull out a baseball bat and tell them, “Here, YOU bottom’s up and shove it up your arse. I just want to drink, not die!” Of course, there are exceptions. If it happens one time, fine. If it happens on the second round, I accept but..hhhhmm……. Third time it happens, I think this bugger is stoooppppeeeeedddd! Few of the guys think that they can get the girls drunk this way and score, you see. But it backfired when the girls got conked so fast they ended up crying, sobering up and driving themselves home safely. The guys thought they could score easily ended up slobbering at the bar and puking in the toilet. Hah! Seriously, when we drink, we drink to enjoy once in a while. We drink and then slow down with a glass of water (alcohol dehydrates you very quickly), then drink again, then water….this way, nobody gets into trouble lah, right? Some people drink until they get really ugly (trust me, I know about this syndrome a lot and have lived with people who do this on a regular basis for reasons unknown) and stupid, then what’s the point? What’s the point in drinking until your liver conks out? People die because of this kind of drinking habit….recently someone I know had a friend whose boyfriend died because of drunk driving. Man, it’s crazy. Thinking about it, I am just so happy I was wise enough to survive my wild years. So, everyone…..drink is OK, party is OK, but keep your head, please!

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