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Is it possible for guys and girls to be best friends without having sexual interest in each other?

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These are examples of how and why a guy and a girl would claim to be best friends or pet-sister or pet-brother.

  • They like each other’s company
  • They’re under 16-years-old
  • They fancy each other but don’t feel that taking it to the next level is right….yet.
  • Hiding a hidden romance
  • They already have an army of pet-sisters or pet-brothers, so, what’s another one
  • Having an assemblage of best friends or pet-siblings represents popularity of a person
  • Under top secrecy, they bonked each other, found that it was a mistake, so decided to retract their steps and become best friends or pet-sister of pet-brother instead. This person knows the brand of underwear you wear or where you got cellulite, so, better keep this person close by.

In all honesty, do you think a girl and a guy can subsist as mere friends or good friends or best friends, as some might go as far to claim it? Now, let me tell you something hor. I married a best friend from work, ok? So, despite my earlier school days innocence about how a girl and a guy can become best friends, my perception of how successful such a relationship can be has matured….it’s warped.

It’s a two-pronged thing and very hard to decide whether it’s possible or not. Personally, I think it’s cool for a girl to perceive a guy to be her best-friend but it’s not possible for a guy to perceive a girl to be a best-friend. From experience, whenever a guy tries to get close to a girl or allows a girl into his underwear closet, he’s on to something. Even if he’s not on to something from the start, he will be.

As I can see from experience, it takes very little to jumpstart a man’s libido. In fact, you don’t need a key. Show a little more shoulder and the engine’s roaring! Even a sigh executed in Pussy Cat pattern can actually elicit a ‘brotherly’ response from the male gender.

Hey, I didn’t sing on stage without knowing learning how to switch those buttons on with the ***para-para uncles uncles sitting down there sipping gulping their liver-intoxicating drinks for nothing, ok? The excitement button for men is not hard to find….it’s everywhere!

So….where was I? Oh ya, so, imagine the girl and the guy decides to study together or do homework together. The parents not home. They sitting together lah, then she asks him something, he sits closer, can smell faint smell of perfume. Hhhmmmm….he mentally slaps himself on the face and told himself to wake up. Concentrate.

Then suddenly the strap of her burgundy colored Marks & Spencers bra show….the bra strap only, ok? He peeks while she continues to toil over a math solution. He pulls closer….you decide for yourself lah. This is especially true if the couple is young with raging hormones to deal with. In my personal opinion, the male growth hormone is very susceptible and hard to control and that is, sadly, why there are so many rape cases involving school and college students. The male hormones should be understood and accepted and people should learn ways to control or ‘satisfy’ the irrepressible urge to stick their ‘organ’ into any moving object….preferably with long hair and in a skirt.

Sure enough, the example I gave is of a young male species. But let’s just put it this way….regardless of age, the male hormone is always raging. The libido of a healthy male, young or old, is strong. Frankly, there was this one incident that took me by surprise because there was this 60-plus-plus-plus-plus **UNCLE whom I tagged with ‘innocent but willing’ suddenly made sexual advances towards me, even tried groping but I slinked and slithered like he was trying to stick a carrot up my backside and I was thankfully rescued by fellow band members! Who would’ve thought, right? I thought the fella was innocent enough because he could be a potential erectile dysfunction patient – apparently not.

This proves that males….16 or 61….same thing lah as far as their ‘*little brother’ is concerned. I’ll come clean, though, I’ve had many best friends and pet-brothers before. And only one of them was a genuinely an affectionate and close one. The others were popularity-based and also convenience-based.

So, considering all that I’ve said above, do you think it’s possible or conducive for a girl and a guy to become best-friends?

Ref * little brother means nether region, penis, crotch

Ref ** we sometimes call older men Uncles not a lot out of respect. Most times it’s out of respect but when you say it in a certain way, it’s supposed to be like ‘Yo, Old stuff!’

Ref *** - Para-Para means referring to everyone. From Bahasa Melayu

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