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In pursuit of material superiority, we forget to live

I was just listening to the radio out in the back kitchen while chopping garlic for lunch when Radio One (I think...I simply roll the tune until it falls on an English station and that's it) announcer was saying before he played the song "Don't worry, be Happy"....many people live their lives chasing after material gains and most of us have very low quality of life. How true. How true..... About a year back, I fall into that category. I want to make excuses by saying that it was for survival but it's actually not, when I sit down and think about it. I WAS chasing after material gains. I want to change my car, buy new furniture, upgrade my piano, send the kids for holidays overseas, buy new clothes, get my hair done, plastic surgery (no lah, kidding)....etc. So, I work day and night without knowing how to stop. I tell you, I had no life. Quality of life was zero and the saddest thing was that I became such a workaholic that I did not even spend quality time with my kids. What was the point of working from home when I don't even take advantage of the fact that I have my kids with me all the time unlike many other parents I know who hates leaving their kids to the care of someone else because they have to work outside their homes? But material gain, I realize now, is nothing because in pursuit of material stuff that we think can make our lives better, we forget to live. We forget to smile and forget to be happy. We forget everything because we want a better toaster? Scowling at the kids for being kids because we want to buy an OSIM massage chair. Living is about enjoying life....about celebrating the fact that we're still alive today and we have a little bit more time to be happy and enjoy life. It does not matter to me now whether someone else is moving to a bungalow or (a bit iri hati, got lah!) they go to dunno-what-land with the whole family to have a holiday. As long as my kids are happy, I am happy, then everybody happy. That one is called living your life properly lor. Having friends is also important, family members also important. I mean, what's life when you live alone and are alone all the time. Ostracizing yourself from the rest of the world is not a good idea because God put you in a place with lots of people so that we can lean on each other and learn from one another. We fight and make up, we console each other when we're the end of the day, with or without material gains, we know that our friends and family will never turn our backs on us. Come to think it, some people are confused about why they're alive and ask "What's the meaning of life?" Aaaahhhh....I am quite sure a lot of us have asked ourselves this question before, right or not? The meaning of life is in living.....that's what life is all about. Making a difference, leaving your mark and enjoying the journey as much as we can....that's what my life is about. I may not be able to leave millions for my kids and grandkids like Lim Goh Tong but I will leave a legacy of love, compassion, passion and confidence in chasing one's dreams for my children. That way, nobody fights over millions because I have enough love to go around, you see. So, pursuing material gains is important, I have to say, but don't forget to live, ok? Live well and be happy......


Kenny Mah said…
Dear Marsha, reading your latest entry has got me thinking too. Just last nite I was talking to some friends how trying to pursue the corporate dream of promotions and moolah didn't seem to make me any happier...

It's true, sometimes we may be able to afford more things, but we can't afford to lose the good things in life, which isn't the material things alone, but our family and friends... and just the ability to smile.

Time for some change in my life, some good change. :)

Anonymous said… said. very deep words wor! hehehe...

Totally agree with you. I may not be rich like my 2 elder Lawyer brothers, but I'm definitely enjoying a better quality life than them.

While they have to work their butts out EVERYDAY, I work only 2to3 official days a week...for the last 17-18 years.

I always seem to have time to sip a good coffee anytime during teh day, play games with my son, take wife go jalan jalan at night,watch TV, cook, yam cha with friends....the list goes on.

Sure...If i wanna have all the material things like bungalow, S-class Merc,BMW mpv etc...I will have to give up my happy & contented life in exchange for those temporary material things. Is it worth it?

Hmmm....not to me. I'm happy I'm NOT chasing those...but always am happy where I am now.

Hope I make sense to you.

anfield devotee said…
Hi there marsha, found you via pat teoh's blog.

Well said. I broke me back fer nigh on 8 years chasing the dream. Packed it all in when me health was affected.

But still managed to clear mortgage & buy nice car.

Now working in sedate environment of a University College's Corp Comm dept. I see you are a freelance writer & graphic designer. Interested to join us?
Check out our recruitment ad in sat star for Nilai International University College. Its a nice place to work with ok hours.

ps: you are cordially invited to visit me blog at fer a debates on music, politics, footie, general nonsense. The more the merrier! Hope to see u there soon.
Marsha Maung said…
Kenny, yup. Trying the higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the less fun you have and the more miserable you are. Funny, iznt it? HUGS BACK! Yeah, positive change is necessary when we hit this stage of our lives.

Killer, of course I know what you're saying. I understand your concept and agree with you. And yes, you make sense to me, of course. Nia mah!

anfield devotee, visited your blog and like the foook you concept! :-) Nilai ah....but then that would be like uprooting the whole family lor, rite? I don't think my kids are up for that kind of change. I think walks in the park, badminton playing, swimming are the kind of changes I would have to tackle first. Yup, my health suffered too. Never thought I can get hypertension cause I so thin....but blardie hell, stress is really very powderful.
anfield devotee said…
Huh, you also hypertensive ar? Me too lar. Hence me prepertually grumpy moods now that I have to give up booze & tobacco.

U like in KL? Nilai ain't that far. But there's no jam so yer rides are fooking stress free.

Walk in park, badminton, swimming? Its all available at Nilai campus. Give it a bit of thought & do give me a buzz, ok?

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