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Genting Highlands pictures

I am not sure if they meant it to be like that, you know, but on a recent trip to Genting Highlands with the kids, I stayed in First World....yeah, the world's most expensive hotel on a hill with ludicrous facilities, smallest beds, coldest showers, stingiest bunch of buffoons working behind the counters and in the offices! But it was convenient, though. The beds were so small, it's made for 12-year-olds. The television set in there was probably designed about 5 centuries ago and only a caveman would find it impressing. PLUS, there's no ASTRO, there's no air-conditioning in the room (not needing air-conditioning in Genting Highlands is NOT a valid excuse)....the price is a wee bit hiked up for no apparent reason, according to me. With my feathers a little ruffled, I scouted around for something I could make fun of around the hotel lobby. I found the sign above slightly funny. You mean, Genting Highlands sells rooms? I didn't know that. You mean someone could just buy a room and stay there as and when they want? I SERIOUSLY didn't know that! Was it a blunder? You tell me! Anyway, here are some pics that I wanna share with you from my Genting Highlands trip recently. A bit delayed but, hey, like they always say, better late than never!


Kenny Mah said…
And how exactly do they suppose guests can "sell" the rooms? Hmm... Curiouser and curiouser...
Anonymous said…
I call 1st world hotel a 'Prison hotel'...with a small TV. Sure...they can have claim to be the biggest hotel in the world with the highest number of rooms...but when you step into the tiny'd realise it's no big deal...biggest hotel or not!

Better pay a bit more and get the Ria apartment. It's old...but it's wayyyyyyyyy more spacious. At least it feels like home...and not a prison cell!

Marsha Maung said…
kenny, me too me too! Got people sell rooms wan ah....phooi yoh! I think they referring to those reserved rooms reserved for Datuks and Datins and Tan Sri, Puan Sris and it's usually the size of a sizeable bungalow right on the top or something.

killer, how right the term is! PRISON kow-kow! All tourists should be warned about the size of their rooms, man. Warning: Deluxe Size means 'size of a toilet'.
Jamie said…
firstly dear cuz, its Merry Belated Christmas...sorry for the late wishes cos just got back from SP visiting Grandma and Penang ( visiting Pam ).

Can't comment much on the 1st World Hotel or any hotel at the highlands cos its go up, get rich / broke wiuck, and down again for me...hehehehe
Marsha Maung said…
Jamie, it's awrite!!! Merry Christmas to you too. It's about damn bloody time I went too! Wait ah.....iron out Joshua's new school stuff first!

But Ria apartment so far away from the main themepark leh....that's the prob. at least with First World, we wake up, walk out and play until night time, walk back, sleep....cycle repeats itself conveniently mah.

Sorry wor....of all the vices I indulge in, only gambling I don't. Maybe I am too kiam-siap! Hee hee heee....hard earned money why give Lim Goh Tong punya children? They dont have enuf money meh?
Anonymous said…
first world sux!

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