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Ratatouille the Movie Review

Category: Movies
Genre: Animation
Cute? Charming? Adorable? Much more than that....Remy Remy Remy!!! Never would I ever imagine myself saying that it's so easy to fall in love with such a passionate and all-embracing rodent as Remy, the lead character in Pixar's latest BlockBUSTER, Ratatouille. The storyline is fabulous, entertaining and educational as well. I still can't remember all the roles of all the people in the a huge 5-star kitchen but heck, it was enlightening to know, anyway. With that said, it also means that the kids won't understand. The herbs, the various delicate concoctions, the procedures....they're all lost on the kids. While they yawn their way through these parts, I must say it's great for chef-wannabes! It all started out in the farmhouse where Remy spent his 'smelling' talents smelling out rat poison where a major mishap (direct result of Remy's curious nature and passionate addiction to good food and cooking) sends Remy away from his clan of rats. But as they always say, there's a silver lining in every dark cloud. Remy found his way to Auguste Gusteau's old restaurant. Gusteau was a once-top-chef in Paris with a released book called 'Anyone Can Cook'. That book was Remy's bible. But Grim Eater, Monsieur Ego, a critic sent Gusteau prematurely to his grave by bringing down his restaurant from 5-star to 1. Monsieur Ego also belittled Gusteau's book grimly saying that while anyone can enter a kitchen and cook, not anyone should. This rationale will soon be stumped out by the rodent's talent. Linguini is a goof the kids love. Well, he's a regular guy with no talents. His mother dies, tells him that he's Gusteau's son and tries to get him a job in Gusteau's ailing restaurant. But he's know, your regular good guy. Remy found a friend in Linguini because Linguini couldn't cook for nuts, needed a job in the kitchen and Remy can cook. But a rat in the kitchen? No no no no....what a horrifying thought that was. But that's where the irony is. Remy hid in Linguini's hat and controlled his actions by yanking his hair. The result and 'training' stage were hilarious!!! HILARIOUS! Pixar really outdid themselves this time. Every hair on the mouse (better than Monster Inc), the angry waves of water as Remy fell through and swim in the dirty pipelines towards open river, every twinkling glass of wine.....awestruck. Surprisingly, the cuteness was good for the kids. The storyline was more for the adults. Emile, Remy's brother the childish respite, the animation is for everyone. Somehow, overall, I think the adults will enjoy this more. There are two kissing scenes in the movie....well, one, actually because one of the kissing scenes was in a movie in the movie. (???) Yeah....which made the whole movie more....realistic? The ending was nicely written. Tinted with sadness but reality. Like this is what happens and it's no fairytale. But when bad things happen, it's not the end of the world because it could be the start of something new. So overall, Ratatouille's got two thumbs up and two toes up as well from me. So, the morale of the story is that even though everyone views a rat as a rodent and their place in a kitchen is of a thief, given a chance, anyone (including a rat) CAN cook. All you need is talent and passion. But bbbrrrr....which reminds me. Scenes of huge groups of rats in the kitchen stealing food one time...then cooking another time, freaked me out. I mean, this is a movie, it's OK. But in real life, I'd know, suck my toe. But hey, it's all in good fun and the morale of the story is well-received. So, who cares? Superb. That's all I can say


Anonymous said…
I want to watch it!!! I saw the trailer and I really, really want to watch it! :)
Anonymous said…
It's a brilliant movie, 8/10 for me. WAY better than Incredibles and Cars put together!

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