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Cooking : Marmite Pork (Partial Air-Fried)

I was the kid who sat in front of the TV with a small spoonful of Marmite, Vegemite or Bovril...slowly licking it off the spoon like I would an ice-cream. I was a weird kid. LOL. I don't know anyone else who likes Marmite as much as I do, except for Kid 2 who doesn't mind it with porridge.

But it's brown (almost black, I know), it's ugly, it's sticky, it smells funky, leaves a (so-called) shitty taste in your mouth, doesn't it? HOWEVER...

...I guess nobody needs to tell you that there's a whole long list of health benefits to consuming Marmite. They range from helping you sleep better (because of essential vitamins and minerals for the brain) to treating your hangover. While it's also been said that it can help create smarter babies (think folic acid!) but here's also a little nugget...
In fact, the black stuff was considered so essential for a healthy diet that it was included in soldiers' ration packs during World War One and has subsequently been used to treat conditions ranging from malaria to malnutrition - Telegraph
The soldiers must think their countries hate them. Not only are they thrown into a war-torn country, they're hungry and got to eat shit for their meals. XD (All the more reason to pay tribute and respect these Veterans and military people who give their countries their lives)

But there are many reasons to give the concoction a shot...if not for the sake of the health benefits, for the sake of getting creative. Try it out with other things, who knows? Get adventurous and search the internet for recipes because while Marmite is not the most adaptable, palate-friendly or diverse of food, there's always Marmite Chicken. =)))))
Now, scientists have labelled it the latest “superfood” because of its nutritional value. Marmite contains a few simple ingredients: yeast extract, salt, vegetable extract, spices, and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B9, B12) -
Suffice to say, I am not the biggest expert in cooking, am not a chef, makes crap on bad days and am secretly in love with Dominos, but I DO share recipes when I find them and make them (because I HAVE TO). How many days of the year can you rely on McDonalds (just had them yesterday - lol), Dominos, KFC, Burger King, Subway and Wendy's, think about it.

I find most of the recipes on BigOven, AllRecipes, Cookpad, Food & Wine and some accounts on Twitter which I share it back on my Keep app so that I can print it out later when I am back in front of my laptop. On days when I am absolutely out of ideas, the printed recipes will have to come to my rescue.

I don't like every single one of the recipes that I find and only keep the ones that I DO like and would like to repeat. And if I like it, I am hoping that someone will find it handy and like it too. And the reason I do this is because I don't keep to the recipes 100%, I sometimes leave something out because I don't have it in the kitchen or have a replacement that might work. Recipes are flexible, I was told early on, there are always replacements and the deliciousness of a dish is highly subjective so, keep that in mind.

So, if you make something edible and someone gave you a thumbs up, SHARE PLEASE. =) Someone, like me, could be desperately hunting for something. Thank you.

It's usually Marmite Chicken but I had pork in the freezer so, I used it instead of running out to get chicken. Hope you have fun and like it.

Sorry, we ate it a little too quickly, no time for pictures. But here's a picture of some leftovers. =P As long as you have a picture reference. 

For some reason, CookPad won't allow me to copy and paste the recipe over anymore, so, you're going to have to go to the CookPad Marmite Pork (Air-Fried) page to view or print it out.



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  2. 10 Surprising Benedits to Marmite that will Turn your Hate into Love (Lifehack)


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