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Greeting a Brand New 2015

2014 sucked big time for Malaysians at large. Missing planes seems to be a recurring theme and I can tell you that Malaysia has never been on the news this much before. Malaysia was pretty much a what-country-is-that-and-is-it-Thailand kinda country. People didn't even know (probably) that we speak English or we have buildings or internet access here. Obscure and unknown.

2014 changed everything. People from everywhere else now know EXACTLY where Malaysia is and the country is NOT a city in Thailand or Singapore. LOL. Yes, I have been asked before. But that was before Google Maps and Earth was around.

Malaysia is actually more like this...

...less like this...

This is an Orang Asli village in some parts of Malaysia. They exist.

Anyway, jokes aside, when I got a Whatsapp message on Sunday saying 'AirAsia missing' response was 'F-g kidding me!' Let's clarify one thing, though. Some people were adamant to separate AirAsia from AirAsia Indonesia, saying that they are not the same and Malaysia has nothing to do with this bla bla bla....just to avoid trouble.

My question is - why are we so proud to be the owner of one of the biggest low-budget carriers in the region if we are going to shun the fact that AirAsia is a Malaysian brand? I was afraid Tony Fernandez was going to deny any relationship with AirAsia Indonesia.

Thankfully, he is da man. He owned up to it, took responsibility (despite owning 'just 49% percent') and personally took his Indonesian partners and families by the hand and said 'I am not leaving, we are in this together'. We are still trying to recover from the shock, as are the families involved and the Indonesian counterparts. Nobody can ever be prepared for a third strike like this.

As of now, even as I am writing this, it is raining outside and many parts of the country is under water. Thankfully, this part of the country where I live is not hit by anything as serious.

We can actually recount all those incidents and curse nature, Mother Earth or God (or whatever your religion is) and be really negative about all this but I think we should take a step back and recognize one thing....we all came together. For once.

The very split-up Malaysia, with people planning their exoduses into other countries and possibly never coming back, came together when the country was under fire. So, I prefer to see it that way. In a positive light.

As I am writing this, more than 200,000 people have been dislodged by floods...and YET another plane is down.....but the good part is that thousands of people who are NOT affected have come together, pooled their resources and strength to help those people. Normally, we would leave it to the respective government agencies to do this. It is heartening to see individual people actually stepping up to do it on their own too.

Like many other countrymen, I sincerely hope not to see anymore BREAKING and DEVELOPING news on those news channels unless it is a good thing. And I would like to welcome the new year with new hope and resolutions. I love New Year fireworks, they are so spectacular. But with the mood being this somber, I entertained thoughts of not seeing it or that it would be really sucky to celebrate when we are in the middle of a crisis.

But....what the hell....let's welcome the new year happily, hopefully, joyfully and may it bring us loads of goodies in the future.

And no more CNN Breaking News, please....thanks, we had enough of that for one year. Really.

Happy New Year, World!


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