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Golden Screen Cinema: You Suck!!

Went for Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee just now with the kids and there were two instances that I have to 'report'. But I'll go for the one who irked me the most.

Golden Screen Cinemas, I have been supporting you over Tanjung Golden Village for a valid reason...more convenient and comfy seats. Really, not kidding. But what happened tonight, I think I might just switch to TGV.

You see, I bought tickets for Golden Screen CInema's screening of 'Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang' and went up to seat my kids while coming back down to buy pop-corn. At first, I thought the popcorn stall would be open upstairs but it wasn't, so, seeing that the line is long, I decided to seat the kids first and come down for the popcorn.

Anyway, came down and the line was still long (I don't want to leave them alone in the dark cinema alone for too long) so, I decided to buy from other stalls without realizing that it's not a 'LEGITIMATE' stalls belonging to Golden Screen Cinema. I thought it must be lah since it is on the same floor. OK, poor judgment on my side.

So, I hurried to get back to the cinema but was stopped when the guys saw the RollerCoaster junkfood and drinks that I bought. They said I cannot bring it in with an accusing tone, telling me that they can't let me in with that food. Tiu, RM10 worth of things, you think I want to hide?

And besides, if I was going to sneak in the food, I would be smarter than just swinging it on my arm, right? In plain view!

Dear stupid manager, yes, I know that there is to be no outside food allowed, I know, so no need to bring me to the poster and point out the stupidly obvious fact which I don't deny.

You know what irked me despite me making the mistake first?

Is there a need for the GSC staff to bring me to the poster where there is a crowd gathering watching my debacle to point it out to me like I was a kid? Show it to me in a condescending tone? Like I was stupid?

And I said I wasn't aware that the stalls were not GSC stalls (however stupid it was, it was an honest mistake), and my kids asked for popcorn, that is EXACTLY what I am trying to do, so, he didn't have to treat me like a customer trying to sneak food in. I wasn't, you effing DUMBO!

Bear in mind, we were not screaming at each other. My tone was 'desperate'. His was normal except towards the end. But I damn beh-song liao.

The clincher is this - He said, 'If you don't want to watch the movie, then we will refund you the money!' then he walked off and told his staff to 'Refund the money for the tickets' while I watched in incredulity his attitude towards me.

And when I said that I did NOT say that I want a refund and that he has been putting those MF words into my mouth because my kids are already in there, this is what he said...THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

Wah-lan-eh, I tell you....blood pressure soared to 200!!!

He is clearly trying to evict me. I would have said, 'Fuck you too, dickhead' if not for the fact that I already mentioned to him that my kids are already seated inside the cinema watching the fucking show. He wants me to go get the kids and get the fuck out of the cinema, is it????!!! WTF??

And you know what happened next? A nice gentlemanly manager/superior/colleague or whatever walked up to stop the debacle by saying, 'I'm really sorry about the misunderstanding. Maybe I can get you the popcorn?'

I said, 'Oh, that would be amazing! Thank you, thank you!'

So, he helped me get the popcorn and problem solved.

Now, THAT is customer service mah! If you are at the customer service counter, you don't tell your customers that you don't need to be nice to them or do not need the money.

By trying to refund the tickets without me asking for a refund, Golden Screen Cinema just told me to take my money to Tanjung Golden Village.


I have the same problem too recently. But I did not get any refund as they told me they wont refund me. They asked me to put my food bought from the bakery for my breakfast into some dirty lockers...I refused and since I and my friends had already bought food from GSC food and beverage stall, we tried to rationalise to them. But they still refuse to let me in. I was so pissed off, I left without watching the movie. Is there anyway we could complain to the consumer association, etc about this? They are really thinking that they are the monopoly and hence could offend all the customers by being so rude!
Marsha Maung said…

oh no, you too?! gosh, i tell...why are they so anal about the food thing? they are only forcing us to hide stuff that we may have bought along the way mah. as if they cinema is going to bankrupt from us eating outside food.

kiasu like hell, this company. cheapskate stupid fulat cinema. TGV for me from now onwards. die-die also TGV

on technical grounds, it is their property, their business and it is their rules. so, there is no use in complaining to the small claims court. they have the right to impose those rules.

the best thing you can do is not to go to any of their cinemas anymore...which is what i have been doing.

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