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Don't Spoil A Memory

I just heard the remake version of an old fave song of mine….something sung by George Michael, a classic…..Careless Whisper. This time, the song comes in rock format.

I don’t know about you but whilst there is nothing wrong with the song and it’s generally quite nice, there’s something wrong about remaking an old song. Songs are like pictures, you attach memories to it. Like the first song you sung with your future husband in a karaoke. The song you danced when you went to your prom night. The song you heard on the radio while driving to your first date. The song that a secret admirer dedicated to you…..


Careless Whisper is a song that someone dedicated to me when I was in high school. Long, long, long, long time ago, we had this radio broadcasting thing going on in secondary school as a charity drive. Every song dedication, you have to pay a certain amount of money for it.

And then one fine day, a senior popped into my class and said, ‘pst pst! Take this note, FFFAASSSTTTTEERRRR, Puan Zarina is COMING!!’

So, I grab the note and it said something along the lines of, ‘Hey, girl with a big smile. I dedicated a song to you. Listen out during recess time. Your secret admirer’.

We didn’t have handphones and SMSes or emails back then so, we were relegated to bribing friends as messengers…and I suppose these messengers were sworn to secrecy. Hats off to this friend because he never let on who it was who dedicated Careless Whisper to me on that day and till this very day, I am still wondering. Why Careless Whisper? I don’t know, YOU tell me. Anyway, it’s one of those hit songs anyway, so, I think it’s sort of like….hey, I bet all girls love George Michael and love this song. Either way, it’s going to hit a note somewhere.

So, when I hear the song and it brings back that memory….I am thinking, this is so wrong. It shouldn’t be so rock. It should be melodic and sad….the way George Michael sang it.

What do you think?


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