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Oh Please….Vogue Is So Un-Vogue

I think Vogue is the kind of magazine reserved for the snooty (elite) and rich (will ride the economy tide OK) people. So, you read Vogue, well…too bad. I don’t. I read Archies and Calvin and Hobbes for your information, so, let’s not stand on ceremony over that one. But have you not noticed that Vogue is utterly so…..written for….vogue people? Duh!
The Malaysian or most Asian versions are probably not like that but recently, I took notice of some magazine covers (for creative purposes) and realize how snooty this magazine really is. I can count the number of times I’ve purchased this magazine on one hand and can’t remember a single article that jumped out at me and asked me to devour it. I remember more about Jughead. 
All they focus on is a bunch of products that most people can’t afford now. And instead of giving us good articles to read or ideas with pictures, they interview the elite, celebrities and ask them what their future plans are, the names of their babies and projects they have in the pipeline….blah blah blah. If I wanted that, I can get much more from Galaxie for RM1.50 (or something like that). 
And then they have the ‘how to get this look yourself’ and introduce products and makeup so expensive it would make your husband’s credit card go into seizure! This blouse is from blahblahblah with $x,xxx.xx price tag, Amber Optic colored lipstick from blahblachblhac for $xxx.xx, nifty little toe-revealer open-toe highheels from blahblahblah for $x,xxx.00……etc. 
It’s all about the money with these magazines, really and it’s no wonder magazines are LOSING OUT BIG TIME to blogs. What the hell happened to plain ole dissemination of information? Whoever pays the bills get the front page and of course, every article found in them is peppered with suggestions like…Beyonce pads her butt with so-so-called underwear (like she needs them), this is fictitious, of course, LAWRD knows….Beyonce does NOT need anymore padding to her butt. 
Bloggers are accused, sometimes, for writing unfounded facts and rattling off on issues they have no right to discuss? Well, some are true but you know what? As a reader, I would rather read blog posts that are based on personal opinion than driven by a piece of cheque. The neutrality of the information found in the magazine should come under question then, don’t you think?
I don’t mean to offend anyone who is in the print industry here but my main focus is my findings in the International version of Vogue. If you’re a magazine editor or journalist, you may want to take this OPINION into consideration?


blinka.Li said…
it is true on the part that u don't remember a single article in any of the magazines, kekeke.......that is why i hardly buy them too. Unless I feel myself so far from the latest fashion, i will grab one just to look at what people are wearing nowadays...hehehe
Anonymous said…
I don't buy mags. We're bombarded by enough advertising everywhere. Why pay for a bookful of them? LOL
Marsha Maung said…
blinka, for fashion, I go to eonline, man! hahahaha or go to 712 ASTRO for celebrity scoop. pay money just to be fed ads....dowan lah, economy very bad these days! hahahaha

clair, right on!!!
Moe Nasrul said…
I'd have to agree with you. Granted i'm a guy but i have read a Vogue magazine before (the one with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover). And that was the first and the last time i picked up Vogue. It was really by chance. It was my girl's copy :)

This post of yours really hits home..
Marsha Maung said…
Moe Nasrul, i am not surprised that you've read one. can find it everywhere, in clinics, libraries, hairdressers, etc :-) i think guys should be even more appalled by how blergh these magazines are turning out to be these days.
Anonymous said…
Personally i don't buy fashion/women magazine. gimme a calvin and hobbes or a Lat anyday, or even rin tin tin.

my mom buys the malaysian women weekly and i kinda flip through that once in a while when she brings it over to my place. i don't mind that magazine as it covers areas like child care, recipes and household hints which i much prefer to all the glam fashion stuff
Marsha Maung said…
another mom, oh yeah....I don't mind the recipes too! hee hee hee....

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