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I am one lucky bitch

I've just got to rattle this off of my chest before I resign for the day. It's late....and I have an early morning and perhaps, a longer day. 
I think I am one lucky bitch....and here's why. 
Bakery, market, restaurants, and myriad of different amenities and conveniences are merely 5 minutes drive away. 
Kids' school is 4 minutes walk away.
GIANT (for groceries) is 8 minutes drive away. 
The park (a rather nice but a little lacking) is 6 minutes walk away.
A friend's restaurant is 3 minutes drive away.
Stationery shop is 3 minutes drive away. 
Office is 0 minutes away. 
In-laws' place is about 12 minutes drive away.
I get to earn a living and raise my kids at the same time. 
I decide how I work.
I have a nice house. 
...and a nice kitchen. 
I continue to have new clients with new projects to work on (which also means that it's about time I learn how to outsource and trust other people) in this troubled economy.
I have friends who would come to my aid within a heart beat.
I have been successful in realizing a dream of working within my own rules and earning a decent income (could be more but then....let's not go down that road) when others are still striving to do the same in this horrible, horrible year.
My boys may be rowdy sometimes (TWO boys, DOUBLE trouble) but generally speaking, they listen to me, love me and would do anything for me.
I have clients who are absolutely in love with me and do things that even some relatives would not have. *ping me if you know who you are* :-)
Eventhough I am not an exceptional writer and yet people have faith in me and believe that I know what I am doing....they don't question me and ask me stuff like 'sure or not???' but they just tell me what they want and let me do my thing. And THAT says a lot. 
I am almost done with my piano....this childhood dream can finally be realized. :-) How many people actually realize their childhood dream at the age of 30-something. 
I've committed almost every conceivable sin that I have an inclination for without falling into harm's way so that I am in a better position to guide my kids (BOYS!) in the future.
But most importantly, I suddenly realize that I am one lucky bitch because, you know, in the face of what's happening around us, I am alive. I have one more day to live and one more chance to enjoy what earth has to share within me.


Krista Goon said…
A toast to that, you lucky bitch haha. ;-) It's great that you are living the life you want. I know so many people are stuck in their jobs, have no one to love and live so far away they're really in the pedalaman you know. You know what they call people like you? Optimists. And people who dare to explore new horizons. As for outsourcing, try it. We're swamped by work too (who's talking about recession?) but the main thing is to delegate work properly when you outsource. Once you delegate work, you are in a better frame of mind to tackle the real business stuff. That's where the real fun is!
blinka.Li said…
yeah, one very lucky one. Plus leng lui some more!! phewit!

Have to treasure what u r having la!! :)
Christine said…
Good for you! I'm just starting out and will be be happy to help you out with some work :)

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