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Equality - The tai-tai's non-mission

Maybe I am a little weird, but I dunno….ranting’s on the cards today. You see, I am a bit of a feminist. I might offend some women out there with my thoughts and ideas on the rights of women and where we should stand in the society, so please if you are woman who agrees with the following, don’t read.
  • Your primary aim in life is to find THE RIGHT guy who can provide for you for life so that you can swipe his card and go shopping, high tea, and pedicure with your girl friends all day.
  • You think that traveling on someone else’s account (especially if you’re an admirer of the opposite sex, regardless of relationship) is the greatest thing on the planet
  • You can’t imagine wearing loafers to work
  • You think that high heels are the greatest invention on the planet
  • You think that chipped nails warrants suicide
  • Going out without makeup is a big no-no
  • Tornado, earthquakes and world starvation is less important than a sale

While it would be great if a man pulls out a chair or opens the door for me is great, I don’t place particular importance on it. Don’t open, don’t open-lah….I don’t know how to open ah? And the chair isn’t all that heavy….most of them anyway. Some women just place too much importance on making men pay a price for sex…in money and in effort. I don’t know lah, that’s why I am a bit of feminist. Having a massage or foot rub is cool, oh yes, it’s cool, way cool but if men don’t do it for me, it’s cool too. I can do it myself and it’s not important – I can even pay someone to do it for me. But to some women, their life mission is to find someone like that for a husband or boyfriend. I am like…duh????? Heylow, it’s lame! What about equal rights and all that? What if a man is a house-husband? To me, that means that the woman would have to open doors and pull out chairs for the men lah, right? That, to me, is equal rights! I know it’s normal for people to think that men should and are obliged to do these things…it’s the polite thing to do but some just go over the border. Why should men work day and night to earn a living so that their wives can spend the whole day chatting with friends, burning up the phone lines, swiping the supplementary cards, have high tea and go shopping all day? Don’t they have a mission in life? Don’t they have goals to achieve? Or maybe their goals are to perpetually rely on their husbands/partners/spouse eternally? I don’t know. Shopping is great therapy, I have to admit that and once in a while, I let myself indulge, especially if I’ve had a particular bad day or week or month, but it’s not a life mission. I love looking good too (I can’t imagine someone who likes to look bad) but oh come on! Purleez! If I had to choose between looking good and being comfortable, I’d choose being comfortable. I like dressing up only when the situation calls for when I go on stage, there's a dinner to attend or I have guests, stuff like that. Other than that, I cannot imagine putting on makeup at home! And to wear short, short skirts out to 7-11 for a bag of chips is like.....GGGAARRRRGGGHHHHH! Are you bloody nuts?? I feel good when I look good and I look good when I feel good....short skirts make me squirm, heels make me scream, so....

That explains why I have this deep hatred for any kind of footwear that has heels – I think it was invented to kill women’s legs. But I’ve always been a bit gangly and have long limbs, I don’t particularly need any apparatus to make my limbs look ANY LONGER, thank you very much. So, heels are hell to me. Then again, I don’t like macho men…I mean, Male Chauvinist Pigs, hate them, detest them, will kill them by pour burning oil over them. I like it when things are equal….that means, if I work, you work, we share everything else in between. But better if in 60-40 or 70-30 or 80-20 proportions….hee hee hee……not that equal but it depends on the arrangement and how chauvinistic the man is. To some extent, most men have this ego thing about it, so to go 50-50 is rare.

To me, if it’s equal (or remotely so) financially, then it should be equal in terms of house work, kids, and of course, in the bed as well. And while it's not always possible to be 100% equal in everything, I would think it practical to at least try.

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