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From Macau to HK, Hitting Lan Kwai Fong And More

As mentioned earlier, I had a huge momma-sized bag which I had to drag from the hotel to the ferry terminal in Macau, from the terminal to the ferry, from the ferry to the disembarking terminal, from the terminal to the taxi, from the taxi to the hotel and then to the room. Shit man, almost broke my back dragging the bag because there are absolutely no lifts in Macau. No bloody lifts in the whole of Macau! They can’t afford to build lifts so even if you have a pram with you or a thousand KGs of mushrooms or heroine, you have to haul them up and down the escalators!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Slumber inducing ferry ride & benefits of knowing someone rich in HK

I slept in the ferry as the rocking motion of the ferry invites slumber. But that was before I found out that a couple of days before we arrived, two ferries collided because of heavy fog and some of the passengers were quite seriously injured! Ack! A friend later revealed that he was on one of the ferries and witnessed a couple of gruesome injuries! Eugh! Anyway, as I was hauling the bag up and down escalators, I noticed the absence of gentlemen both in Macau and Hong Kong. Nobody even TRIED to help me. But well….yeah, some of the people working with the ferry DID help me, though….

The good news is that we were lucky enough to be a friend with this really rich HK guy. He wasn’t a very good student in SMDJ and he had a reputation….quite a negative one back then. Apparently, his wild personality earned him a lot of Hong Kong dollars and he’s made it rich there together with another ex-SMDJ student. (Proves to you that you don’t have to be a good student in order to make it in the business world) He had a driver come pick us up from the terminal and I had it bloody easy from there.

In fact, he was the one who booked us the rooms and we didn’t even have to pay a cent for it! Imagine….where got people go on holiday, book into hotel and no need to settle the bill wan??! Feel damn bloody bad, man! He explains that his company owns a part of the hotel, which is Cosmopolitan Hotel located very near the Horse Racing Stadium in Wan Chai, Happy Valley. Beautiful room, beautiful view. What can I say? And then after we’re done with our unpacking and settling down, we decided to explore a little outside of our hotel before dinner and some drinking.

Don’t drink cannot sit

We headed out to The Nooch Bar, which is a bar owned by the same owner of the hotel. Nice ambience but a friend of mine was cheesed off a little. According to the rules, if you’re going to put your ass on one of their chairs, you’re going to have to drink. My cousin didn’t want to and was just hanging around – all of us ordered our drinks but this is the rule. This isn’t a mamak and the rule is different….we have to accept that. So, my friend said, “Go die lah! Don’t want to drink also cannot! Where got force people wan?!” and she headed back to the hotel to shower and relax a bit before dinner.

Spicy Deal

I don’t remember which hotel or building my friend took us for dinner but all I can remember is SPICE!!! Damn spicy!! Everything was hot hot hot….pepper pepper pepper chilli chilli chilli! My stomach churns just thinking about the food we had there. It was nice, mind you, because the fish meat was tender, the chicken was juicy and the vegetables served tasted like the farmers just plucked them up from the fields but……spicy!! Guess it turned up the temperature a few notches as cold as it was, the food was appropriate.

Night out in Lan kwai Fong, Hong Kong

After dinner, driven in a Merc Sports, we headed out to ever-famous Lan Kwai Fong where all the gwai-lows hit for drinks, partying and womanizing. It was an interesting place as pubs lined the slope-y (as in lots of ups and downs) roads and even in such a cold weather, on a Wednesday night, many foreigners are seen partying up on both sides of the streets. It’s kind of like Bangsar, in my personal opinion but a lot more interesting because it’s very slope-y and the roads winds up and down throughout the roads.

Taxis are everywhere (as with the rest of Hong Kong – taxis outnumber private cars by an insane percentage) waiting for drunk people to finish off their business here to fetch them back to their hotels with or without a new ‘playmate’.

After having had our fill of Lan Kwai Fong, our friend decided to take us to another place, for a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong. We went to Lan kwai Fong Hotel, to the top floor where they have a deck for people to drink while looking at the amazing view. The view in Hong Kong is amazing, I’m telling you. A very small piece of land packed with a crazy number of high-rise buildings lit up like a beacon as far as the eye can see! I love looking out of the window and from the deck, you can literally see a sea of brightly lit buildings, from office blocks to apartments! In my mind, I could see so many people inside of those buildings all packed into small spaces living in a land where activity never ceases. Cars are bumper to bumper, buildings are balcony to balcony, people are shoulder to shoulder….everything is just very…..compacted.

We had some champagne while talking about our dear Minister with a sex scandal news of which seeped overseas. Of course, being Malaysians, my friends were interested in finding out if there were further insider scoops and dirty details about it. We had none, of course, because none of us worked with the government and with such strict enforcement, we didn’t have many dirty secrets to unveil to our friends in exchange for his hospitality. (Even if we shared some dirty secrets, I can’t write anything here in this blog, can I?! LOL) Pity! But we spent the night talking nonsense with the buzz of champagne ringing in our ears. It was fun! And we cam-whored a lot…..taking loads of pictures of the view.

We were planning to hit the shops the next day, so, we called it a night half past twelve and were driven back to Cosmopolitan Hotel. I slept like a pig….have not been this tired and beat in a long time.


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