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Paypal And Ebay Opens Doors Of Opportunities For Malaysians

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I don’t know how excited Malaysians and generally speaking, Asians, are about the recent opening of doors to the cyberworld.Using paypal was never an option for people like who earn a living using the Internet and yet paypal is considered one of the most convenient and cheapest modes of payment for people in United States and Europe….and now, many other places! Now, Paypal has finally opened the door to us and I can tell you, for me, it’s like a floodgate of opportunities has suddenly been kicked open!

With Paypal, Malaysians can now use accept payment and make payment affordably and then withdraw the money from their Paypal account and into their debit cards. The option of withdrawing directly into our savings or current account remains closed. Ah well…..matters not. The process of withdrawing from Paypal and into your debit or credit card takes a longer time than into your savings account. Most of the time, the withdrawal process is about 5-7 days.....and I’ve counted 99% of the time, they take 7 working days. Therefore, you should take that into account and budget accordingly.

I am even more excited with the new Ebay launch in Malaysia. I have been selling used stuff on the International eBay site for a long time now and although there’s no fortune to make there, it’s a way to get rid of some of the stuff you don’t use anymore but are in good condition….and get some money out of it. It’s trouble-free and literally dummy-proof….so, where’s the problem, right?

And yet, with so many opportunities open to Malaysians and Asians….are we making use of all these options? Despite calling our neighbors names, we, Malaysians, are a very kiasu (erm….afraid to lose?) bunch of people. Mention the word ‘online shopping’ and most people cock their eyebrow, gasp or pass out. But nothing too surprising here because Malaysia was once listed as one of the high risk countries is some official list or something. Beats me, I can’t remember the name of the list….but it’s an official one, I promise you that. Therefore, to expose your credit card information to people you don’t know, can’t smell, and can’t hear is a sin. Anybody…and I mean anybody can be a crook!

But there’s been changes in the mentality of the people here….and I am happy about it. While the vast majority of Malaysians remain hesitant about making online purchases, I see that the younger generation are slowly accepting electronic transfers and online shopping….especially when it comes to booking hotels or buying air tickets from our favorite Malaysian Budget Airline, AirAsia.

It’s indeed such a pity because I love purchasing stuff online because I use a debit card….a VISA electron to make my purchases. I got mine from Public Bank and so far I’ve got no complaints about it except for the inability to make OFFLINE purchases in some places. But it gets my money through from Paypal to my VISA electron and I get to pay for stuff online knowing that any amount exceeding what I have put into the card won’t go through. The card is not automatically linked with my Savings account, you see.

I’ve bought tons of things from many online shops before and I’ve forgotten where and when. It would be interesting to know the general perception of online shopping in web-conservative Asia and Malaysia, though.

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Kenny Mah said…
I went for the "Might consider it if it becomes safer." I guess I'm one of them ultra-conservative blokes out there... But perhaps it's time to open up to the possibilities... ;)
Marsha M said…
really? ya lah, actually not very surprised since a lot of my friends consider a root canal procedure less painful compared to purchasing stuff online. but if safety is a concern, use a debit card. It definitely is safer!
Anonymous said…
I've been using my credit card to purchase stuff online too. Mostly from amazon for some hard-to-find books and stuff. So far so good. Maybe I am lucky.... hee hee hee :-P

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