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I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames, Steve Buchemi, Dan Aykroyd Marsha’s rating: 79% I totally get this movie and commend the scriptwriters for doing a good job at spinning out the characters and story nicely…except for the ending which was a little too rushed. (as usual, my complaint is always the ending).
Adam Sandler is Adam Sandler but he just isn’t so funny in here. Loved some of his one-liners here, though! He is capable of delivering those unique Sandler one-liners that kills you with laughter like no one else can. I’ve never heard of Kevin James before this movie (please forgive me for my ignorance) so, my judgment of his performance is on a clean slate…and it’s a pretty damn good one too! Unfortunately, in this movie, you'll notice that Sandler is one of the, you know who's wearing the pants here. If I had it my way, I thought Kevin James actually did a better job in this movie than Sandler did.
I was thinking that they were creeping along very shaky lines here…as in…we’re talking about gay movement here, boys, be careful where you thread. Gays may be gays but they’re a pretty strong bunch of people up there in the States. Anyway, they did a very good job out of turning the tables on us straight people – straight people turns out to be the unpredictable, unreasonable monsters here who uses the word ‘faggots’ freely on gays. Underneath the storyline lies one very simple message…it’s not wrong, nor criminal to be gay. It’s everyone’s right to be gay, despite the fact that Chuck and Larry were not gays, but only pretending to be gays. Their ‘act’ did not stop them from feeling for these people who had ‘different sexual preferences’. No complaints there. However, the biggest complaint I have (not the ending, this time) is Jessica Biel. She’s got nice boobs and we can ask Sandler how it feels like and how much those peaks of her felt since he had ‘first hand’ information about all of that in the movie but her character is just too….BIMBO. And eexxxcccuuuussseee mmmmeeee, she’s supposed to be a really smart lawyer and we find nothing wrong with her dancing in a Cat Woman suit on the bar, shaking her booty to a salivating bunch of men (I thought they were gay…well…). I mean….where’s the logic? So BIMBO! I would place 80% of the blame on the scriptwriters for making her so UNBELIEVABLE DUH!!!!! Her lines were along the lines of stupid stuff like, ‘Here, don’t believe me that my boobs are fake? Here…feel them. I don’t mind, feel them’ and she doesn’t see Sandler squirming around and trying to hide a hard-on! Oh, come on come on come on!!!! And the other 20% on her acting. It’s fake beyond belief. How they got out of the trouble of trying to defraud a government or insurance agency (which is which, I don’t give two piles of *toot* about) is beyond me. The judge was like, “Yo, you guys were so cool about the whole gay thing and now the world thinks you’re heroes, let me get you out of here” was too…..too….YOU find the word for me. Other than that, the movie was funny. I laughed at appropriate moments and felt moved at the right scenes. All in all, if someone had stuffed Jessica Biel’s face into her own bras, ‘I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry’ is a rather good one.


Jamie said…
I plan to see the film also but later lar becos still in a "trauma" state after watching "The Zohan" thingy by Adam Sandler...WAAKAKAKAKAKAA

Personally for me, I sorta like Jon Heder better...he has more of a natural sohai look ( if u get what I mean )
Marsha Maung said…
The Zohan? Hhhhmmm....I'll catch that one. What kind of trauma?? Is it a bad trauma or a good trauma (if ever there is such a thing)? Gory stuff, scary stuff, strange stuff, alien stuff...what trauma?

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